Cheese types

Fresh Cheeses
Fresh cheeses include Fromage Frais, Silk and Black Silk. They are the simplest form of cheese, are not matured and so rely on the quality of the milk for their flavour. Holy Goat is certified organic with NASAA, using milk from our own herd of goats. The goats are fed organic feed and free range over approximately 200 acres. The fresh cheeses are a true indicator of the milk quality and this is reflected in the quality of the cheese.

Fresh cheeses have a high moisture content and low salt content and are sweet and citrus to taste. They have a shorter shelf life. The cheeses have a silver wrap that protects them from moisture loss in a refrigerated environment.

Mature White Mould Cheeses
Veloute and Pandora are surfaced ripened white mould cheeses. The white mould, Penicillium candidum, is added to the milk during the production process. The mould breaks down the cheese from the outside in. The cheese is best eaten from 4 to 8 weeks. At 4 weeks the cheese will have a soft outer edge and a nutty firm centre. As the cheese continues to ripen it will become softer, and develop stronger more complex flavours. Some heat may be felt at the back of the throat.

The mould eventually dies after about eight weeks and this is when ammonia may be smelt. Veloute and Pandora have a silver wrap that helps the cheese breath and reduces moisture loss.

Mature Yeast Rind Cheese
Mature cheeses like Skyla and La Luna have lower moisture content and a more concentrated curd. As the cheese matures it looses moisture and becomes firmer. The young Skyla and La Luna have a moist, creamy, citrus centre that with further milk protein breakdown becomes denser with more intense flavours.

Skyla and La Luna have a wrap that allows the cheese to lose moisture and become firm. As this cheese ages, it can be stored in a plastic container to slow the drying process.


Best Before Dates and Batch Codes
The Batch Code written on the side of the label is the date that the goats were milked for that batch of cheese. The cheeses are at their optimum from point of sale until their best before date.

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